Daily Archives: 10/22/2010

Wow, I am so cold right now-afraid @mikegrundy and I may have to reevaluate our Nov heat-on goal. 56deg is chilly when you’re sitting still!

Working from home: listening to the weird albums I’ve acquired and never listened to, drinking pots and pots of tea; ala trendy coffee shop!

frustrated that @flickr can’t seem to get it together with iphone EXIF uploads. @mobilefotos app WAS able to do this, today doesn’t work!

the house is at 55deg. after getting home hot from running the morning has been a pendulum of overcompensatory personal comfort decisions.

oh hey! it’s @pedexing ‘s birthday today! AND THE HAPPINESS SHALL ENSUE.

for @jessypie: recipe for savory bread pudding in a pumpkin! http://tinyurl.com/ctcq9b and it was DELICIOUS.

working at home today up to run at 6AM instead of 5. I like 5AM better: more stars/less cars. PLUS it’s actually a tiny bit warmer at 5!