Daily Archives: 5/9/2010

Day 4. Rest and Rally.

We were tired after our trip down, so we took it easy on Day 4. I got up and b/c Mike was still so sleepy I figured I’d give him a break, and I went out for a run on the beach. It was great! It was also the only day I went out for a run! But still, great!

I got a call about meeting for breakfast while I was jogging and it was a hilarious conversation: Rick was all “Oh, are y’all moving yet?” and I was like: “yup, I’m out running on the beach!” he was floored.

We headed out to the bikes: would you believe we had a really hard time finding parking in the hotel garage the night before?


So we decided to cruise around and look at stuff today. Mostly, we spent a lot of time at Jammin’ Leather. They’ve made an effort to become rally “headquarters” and I am not surprised, people buy a lot of stuff at rallys and if no one is shopping for leather gear than it must be a giant hit to their business. We did our part – two of our group bought jackets (textile and leather blends, but no armor) and one of us got a vest and chaps. For the record: ALL CHAPS ARE ASSLESS. that is what makes them chaps.

As we were riding around, we didn’t pass many bikers. There weren’t many vendors set up the few days we were there, and permits were more expensive so everyone said that they would set up for the 2nd weekend, not the first (while we were there). All in all, though, it was fine! we managed to occupy ourselves just fine.

we had a very late lunch / early dinner at crabby mike’s, a seafood buffet that seemed appropriate, based on our heavy frequency of mike’s on the trip. also, check out the very creepy dead crab with halo art hanging in the dining room:

after our day out and about, we went back and met up with our two straggler Mike’s and went for a nice long walk on the beach. Definitely a nice evening with friends!

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