Daily Archives: 8/24/2007

all food, all the time.

I was talking to Ranger last night about how this blog is all food, all the time right now. Now, it may not be as glamarous as you think, but the last week has been focused on catching up on my CSA share. What, now you’re telling me vegetables AREN’T sexy?
Would it seem more glam if I tell you I’ve been cooking in heels, frilly aprons, red lipstick, and with a cocktail to hand? because if it does I’m telling you right now: that is TOTALLY the truth.

also, my other blog project has been taking up a lot of my time. y’all should take a look if you haven’t (and I bet you have), it’s pretty fabulous, if I say so myself. and I’m really excited to be A Writer for something that I feel so passionate about.

and just to keep some food cotent: you should REALLY try the amazing carrot soup I made last night. It’s incredible. I’m just sayin’.