social internet hive minds

I’ve been screwing around on the internets more and more today – maybe because I’m staying super late to finish up a report, and I’ve kind of resigned myself to the idea that I’ll be here until 5AM.

anyway: one of the things I’ve been looking at is twitter. I’d heard a story about it on npr, and at first I thought it sounded kind of nuts. and then I thought about it and it sounded kind of NEAT. and then my good friend roz had it, and she kind of pushed me over the edge. and now I only have a couple of friends, but if any of y’all would like to sign up I sure wish you would.

I also put a app in the sidebar, which is kind of great. don’t expect anything earthshatteringly insightful – you only get 140 characters. but it’s a neat concept.

edited to add: I kind of love twitter b/c it gives me an out for all of the weird non sequiters that float through my head during the work day. that’s nice.