Daily Archives: 5/15/2007

in the moment

I met a good friend for dinner in the city tonight and got back to my car at journal square at 9PM. it’s a beautiful night – somehow, summer has snuck up on me in NJ again. it seems like just yesterday that all the trees started tree-ing and flowers bloomed. but now it’s in the high 60s or low 70s at night and the sky as I walked through the village to the PATH train was deep brilliant blue, in that urban light pollution back-light kind of way.

I was driving west on rt 3 towards home listening to a neko case album and track 5 came on – track 5 is always the best and most singable, I think – and I turned up the stereo and started singing at the top of my lungs and threw my arm over the passenger side seat and cruised over the hackensack river and turned my head and made eye contact with someone passing me and I realized suddenly that I was entirely in that moment. the windows were open and my hair was whipping in the soft warm wind and I was loud and singing and happy and I was Right There. how super, you know?

I think a lot about where I AM, especially with all the driving I do. it’s so easy when you drive to and from work to get tied up in where you’re going, to live for the destination. Sometimes you will end up at work and not know how you’ve gotten there. I try to make the process part of the goal, but it’s really hard. So tonight was just wonderful.