Daily Archives: 3/12/2007

my body kind of rules

because I’m heading off to japan at the end of the month, I’ve been getting more serious about working out. I don’t mind knowing I’ll be a giant in Japan. I know that there will be a certain quality of body dysmorphia that I’ll just have to deal with. plus, I’ll be traveling with my slender stepsister, so I do wonder if I’ll feel entirely out of place.

but I’m ok being a giant. I just don’t want to be a MUSHY giant.

so I’ve been going to the gym a bunch. I was kind of horrified at how long it’s been – roughly 6 months – since I’ve worked out regularly. I’ve got a secret goal to go almost every day before heading out. since it’s been so long, last week the elliptical was surprisingly hard. then sat. I got up, went on the elliptical, did some lunges and sit-ups, and went off to a lovely weekend in Philly with my coworkers. and there was a dance party, and then the next day my dancing muscles were in sad sad shape! I was so sad that they hurt so much, until I realized that they weren’t just dancing muscles, they were LUNGE-ING muscles. which makes it a little better, mentally.

tonight I went to the gym and had an epiphany of a sort… there weren’t any ellipticals available so I got on a treadmill instead. and I was bummed, because I figured I’d be walking most of the time. and then I remembered: hey. I had a dance party for, like, two hours straight on sat. if I can do that I can run! so I did run, and I was right – I CAN run.

I guess the point is to say that every once in a while? I am so pleasently surprised by my body. it is a tough, resiliant cookie. Yay.

[[that said, my arm HURTS. there was also some arm wrestling. I am not that competative with my right arm but left arm does ok. note to self: If you’re gonna keep challenging people to arm wrestle, maybe start pumping some iron, ok?]]