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as much as I’m all “do it yourself” and “cheap as heck” and “no sir, I don’t need to buy an ipod, because it won’t play books from the library,” I think that apple has finally done it. When I first got a cell phone I was obsessed with small and really used the heck out of my cutsie wee nokia. after I got used to the windows based PDA, I was obsessed with small, and moved to the handspring. I thought maybe the treo would be the phone of the future but it just wasn’t, and cell phones have just gotten bigger and boringer as time goes by.

and then! I find myself at work still, late at night, and instead of working, I’m watching the video introducing the iPhone. and holy cow. maybe I *do* need an ipod after all. it’s everything I ever wanted from a phone, a camera, and a pda (sort of, it’s got a calender) and it’s all fully integrated! and wee small! and smart! and so sharp looking! and so fancy! and offered through cingular, my current cell phone carrier! (though you wouldn’t know it from their webpage tonight, way to not market yourself, cingular.) wowza!

[[though, at $499, maybe I am still kind of cheap as heck. by the time they start shipping maybe my contract will be ready to re-up, so maybe it’ll be less spendy for me…]]