Daily Archives: 1/24/2006

bento boxes

man, but bento boxes are awesome.

after stumbling upon the incredible vegan lunch box blog and moving from there to the bento moblog, I found myself in my local japanese dollar store buying a bento box of my own. and, of course, a matching fork and spoon.

here is my first lunch in the bento box:
not shown is the salad on the side. I’m trying to bring the veggies back into my diet.

and speaking of diet, I’m slimming. it’s nuts but since I moved to NJ I gained over 10 lbs. Since January 2005 I have gained 20 lbs. And on top of that is the 10 or so lbs I gained since my knee broke and I couldn’t go running anymore. So I am definately interested in getting rid of all of that! Plus, I have to do it for my heart.