Daily Archives: 9/19/2005

can you imagine?

I slept in until 3:30 on Sunday. Imagine that! it’s the latest I’ve ever slept, except for the time I got back from germany in highschool and slept for almost 24 hours. I was sleepy.

I had a great weekend, but I’m sad to report that the hold’em pokers found me again. so sad. I get little alerts in my email, you see, saying there’s a comment that needs approved (shout out pittsburgh!). And then it turns out that it’s not one of my incredibly fun, with-it, and rock’n’roll friends, nor is it someone from the internets who is full pithy commentary, but is, in fact, an internet spammer. OOOH. I hate the spammers. If they were a food they’d be like soured milk: you are happy that you have milk, and maybe its a pleasent surprise to find it in your fridge, but then you find it all curdly and sour in your mouth and are not only grossed out, but hugely disappointed.