Daily Archives: 8/9/2005

randomness at work.

if I am drinking several cups of coffee a day, but they’re all 1/2 coffee, 1/2 milk, can I count that as my daily calcium?

and also, if everyone in the ladies room at work uses the seat covers except for me, the seats are really clean, hey? It’s nice of them to protect the seat from their dirty butts. Thank you ladies!


work is not going well. I feel like my carefully constructed house of cards is tumbling about my ears. I am primo busy, plus I’m heading out to assateague for vacation next week. so I’m at least doubly busy. at least.

anyway, I have a couple of entries in the works, including CSA wk 8, my very fun weekend, and some shots of canoeing the weekend before.

but for now, a couple of pics:

when I was filling the van up on sat. PM a giant green bug flew torwards the windsheld and landed! I had no idea that praying mantis’s could fly. I took some marginally bad photos.

praying mantis! mantis on van
mantis on van mantis on van

and also, I have a rash and here it is. I THINK it must be poison ivy but heck if I know where it came from! The only thing I can think of is that there was some on my work boots and when I tied them last thursday it got me. BUT, I think I had it before then? like, from the weekend before? maybe I got it when we went to lebanon PA for mohammad’s bday.

rash2 rash1