Another fish sandwich

Last weekend I went to Dingbats and had their crispy fish sandwich for $6.79. There’s also a jumbo crispy fish sandwich on the menu (for $1 more), but I was told it was twice as much fish so I chose the more modist option. I also had the option of beer batter or something else that didn’t sound as good, so of course, I chose the beer batter.

The sandwich is served on a kaiser roll and measures in at about 7 or 8 inches long and 2 or 3 inches wide. It’s served with tartar sauce and coleslaw, as well as french fries. I asked for lettuce and tomato. It’s a big sandwich, and to tell you the truth, as I ate it it got kind of grossly mushy. It was too moist and tender, I guess! (Or maybe I put too much tartar sauce on it.)

anyway. It’s a good sandwich. a little expensive, but it was tasty. I wouldn’t want to take it home and reheat it, though, because it was kind of soggy at the end of the meal.