Daily Archives: 1/23/2003

Cold weather, cold attitudes, and Thai food.

Wow, it’s flippin cold out there today!

And, um, it was yesterday, and the day before. And it will be tomorrow, also. We’re in a Deep Freeze! A Cold Snap!

I can’t complain, you know, because it’s not too cold, and I do have lots of warm clothes and layers and long socks and long johns to wear. And the heat in our apartment works pretty darn good right now. And even though it’s cold at work, I dress appropriately, so it’s no problem. And, I really can’t complain to my dad or mom, b/c where they live it’s regularly below zero at night these days. And my mom works outside. Yep, outside, in the cold. And my brother does, too, pretty much, only at night! My family is so tough I can’t say a word about cold weather. It’s not that cold, really.

Plus, I really love the cold weather! I love real winters, I love bundling up in wool and layers and wearing long socks and ridiculous hats and mittens. I love snuggling up under my covers at night, and I love that I can’t sit up and read late because my hands get too cold. Winter is good times, if you ask me. I love the snow. I love storms. I love power outages. I love having to be prepared for cold weather when I leave the house, and I love having to pack extra things with me. Have I said all of this before on here? I may have.

So, I badmouthed some kids in my neighborhood and said people had let the air out of my tires: that’s not true. They’re just leaking and leaking and leaking. I have to fill them up all the time. I don’t know if it’s the rims, which would mean the tire guys in Albany who put on the new ones were negligent and didn’t tell me about it, or if it’s the cold weather, which is, lets face it, very very cold, or if I’m not inflating them far enough and pocky rims let the air drip out (which would imply that kids DID let the air out, the first time). I took the car to a tire place down here and they took the tires off and checked them well, and said there was no problem. So, I don’t know what’s going on, other than I have tires that need new air every 3 days.

I’m zooming along on daddy’s mittens. They’re freakin big, let me tell you! And, also, I’m having such a great time getting home at a reasonable time and making my dinner. I had really good curry noodle soup with tofu, and I can’t recommend the Thai Kitchen products highly enough. They are so good. The curry noodle soup called for 1 ½ cup of water and ½ a cup of milk, soy milk, or coconut milk. I mixed it up a little and added 1 ½ cup of coconut water, and ½ cup of milk. It was so good, and mildly coconutty. Yum. So, I guess as far as my new years resolutions go, I’ve been very good at keeping the One Against Bitching, the One Against So Much Coffee, the One Against Eating Out, and the One For Keeping Cupboards Full. Exercising? Well, it’s 8 degrees when I wake up, and very dark. Making stuff? Doesn’t count until I finish my xmas presents.

Tuesday I went to the NJ office for a big meeting. It went really well, except the tights I was wearing were too small, and they gave me monster gas. I didn’t disrupt the meeting, or anything, but it was a little uncomfortable for a bit. The fun part about Tuesday was driving to work. Even though my car tires were getting low by the end of the day, it was great to drive a couple of pals back into the Big City. The drive home wasn’t long at all, and traffic was superfantastic at the Holland Tunnel (I’m a car pool!).

Wednesday I took a bit of time to go down to Cooper to drop off recommendation forms. That’s right, I’m really going to apply to grad school. It’s a long arduous process, but I’m really going to do it. I did have a great lunch with Matt at the sushi place. It seems so luxurious to take a nice lunch with someone you care about. It was great.

Today, speaking of no bitching (ok, so I wasn’t speaking of it recently, but I was before), I had a tough time with an email that implied I had been assigned a task at a meeting on Tuesday, and had shirked my duty. Man. Stupid office politics. The email made it seem like I was goofing off! There’s this bitchy game that people play sometimes in offices, where they try to be the best, most perfect employee. And I don’t know if the person who’s sending the emails is really playing that game or not! Oh well. El B. likes her better than he likes me, anyway, because she actively is trying to be his golden-girl employee, and I’m just ultra-professional and unflappable. That’s right, I’m unflappable. Or I try to be. Nothing to be solved by getting upset by El B.!

Did anyone notice I updated the crafts page with new embroidery section? Well, yeah, I did.

Out into the cold I go! It’s probably very cold, with a windchill of very very cold. Luckily I’m wearing my long johns and tall socks under my skirt!