Daily Archives: 12/18/2002

While I was out.

Work isn’t so bad, it’s just there’s so much of it.

Certain persons at work are literally, crazy.  Too stressed to listen to what you’re saying, quick to jump to conclusions, incapable of maintaining a moderate voice level, quick to speak loudly, harshly, and over the end of your sentences.  Crazy persons.

I went kind of online shopping crazy.  I bought all kinds of stuff, like books, and slippers, and soaps, and they’re mostly for me.  There’re some gifts in there, but mostly it’s for me.  Because I’m working so much overtime, maybe.  Unfortunately, the more overtime I work, the more taxes come out of my paycheck.  So I’m really not being reimbursed for the time I’m working.  I’d prefer to take comp. time but if that were possible, I’d end up being able to take a whole month off.  And that wouldn’t go over well.

I want to take from the 23rd to the 1st off from work. And I want to charge sick time, because I’m not going to be doing fun stuff, I’m going to be resting.  Odds are I’ll get sick within 3 days of not going to work in the morning, once my body catches on that I’m resting a little.  But there was a little bit of conclusion where a certain persons thought I would be in on the 23rd and the 24th.  Aaah! I don’t want to be in!

I absolutely couldn’t work last weekend.  I told El B. that and he was very sad.  He was the only person who could work, as the rest of us had planned on having our lives back, because, you know, the deadline?  Was the 9th.  That was a whole week ago.  I had made plans for the weekend!  This project is like a train made out of molasses in the middle of winter cruising down a hill.  A train, or a molasses volcano. I’m not sure which.  It moves so very slowly down the hill, but nothing can make it faster except for warmer weather.  No matter how much work I do, the molasses train/lava won’t go any faster towards the deadline.

So Friday night I worked really late.  Saturday I had lots of errands to run, including getting the fixings for my holiday cards (this year will be the weirdest year ever!), and then there was our building holiday party, which was going very well and fun until the karaoke was introduced.  Then it got weird, and quick.  And then Sunday afternoon:  I had a wonderful crafty party with so many fantastic girls over.  It was ostensibly for last minute holiday crafting.  That morning we went out and bought a Christmas tree and cleaned and cooked.  I made fondue!  It’s so good.  Gruyere cheese is some fantastic stuff…  And so many girls came over, and we listened to cha cha cha records and Etta James CDs and ate cheese and cookies and hot apple cider. Mmm.

I must say, I was totally working the late 50’s, early 60’s hostess thing with the fondue set and the crock-pot warming the cider.  Heh.  All I lacked was an apron, and I just haven’t had a chance to sew mine yet!

And speaking of last minute holiday crafting, I haven’t finished making nearly anything for presents.  I did nearly finish my mittens, but that’s for ME, and not a gift!  I’m a terrible and reprehensible person.  At least I started my holiday cards.  I bought envelopes today, and have cut and folded enough to get started with the sending out.  All I have to do is remember to bring home my good pen and my glue stick so I can get these puppies going.

Utch.  Back to work for me, I guess, and maybe we’ll actually get this final volume off to the printer.  Honestly!  People ask when this project will be over and I say “last Monday.”  I caught myself telling someone yesterday that “I can sleep when I’m dead!  Lots of time for sleep then!”