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Awesome tour today with @AnacostiaRrkper and @SR_Forum!

totally sending a calendar invite for this total solar eclipse to my assateague peeps for 2017. BEACH NERD PARTY!…

The problem w what Trump said isn’t *lewd language.* He described with pride his sexual assault of women. Horrific this needs clarification.

Today I am cosplaying golf.

There’s no longer any way for Republicans to boot Donald Trump from the ballot – The Washington Post…

Today in Running In The Dark: our hero trips (tired+flipper feet), pulls off a perfect shoulder roll into crouch, jumps up and finishes run.

We got a neighborhood for Magikarp.

Third place in age group what!

Another 10k achieved!

This is important to listen to. Has anything changed? Via @NPR: ‘Working’ Then & Now: Black Chicago Police Officer

Looking fwd to sharing this every day – it’s a *feature.* Donald Trump said 6 false things on Thurs | Toronto Star…

Just a Friday AM tire change on the highway. Srsly so practiced at this but wonder if this happens to normal people?

Oh you know. Just finishing up my performance evaluation to the gurgles of the fish tank and the hooting of a coyote.

When yr kid wins a free goldfish and you do a lot of research, get an appropriately sized tank. Welcome, Magikarp!

“Poo Pie.” Found in a portapottie.

Hot and humid 8K accomplished. I can haz parade now?

Jackie Robinson in 1972: ‘I Cannot Stand and Sing the Anthem; I Cannot Salute the Flag’… via @TheRoot

When you’re just done with the day and have to lie down with the cat on the kitchen floor.

4 years later: just found my original wedding ring, lost on the way home fm that Assateague trip, in the glove box.