Daily Archives: 1/10/2014

Lovely dinner out w @mikegrundy discussing finer points of fantasy novels and female protagonists and pretending @cooperunion is still free.

Sorry guys. My @BrianLehrer 2014 prediction didn’t work out. facebook.com/groups/SaveCoo… maybe 2015 will be the year.

oh why oh why on the day tuition may or may not be overturned is my phone D.E.A.D and not recharging?

Sticky fermented soybeans for lunch today. SO STICKY. http://t.co/cvWksJdRD1

Zero Hour at Cooper: Cooper Union Trustees Vote On Tuition Today wp.me/pey3t-2Bd so nervous/fingers crossed/good luck to us all

Woke up late (forgot the alarm!) to the sound of snowplows. Did you know it was supposed to snow today?