Day in review

  • today was family physical day at the drs apparently – not only did @mikegrundy and I both have one this AM but I also ran into his mom! #
  • decided on the train! and will just have to catch up on that extra ONE HOUR of work capacity some other time during the week. #
  • As nutty and slightly inconvenient as LGA is, I think it's such a classy airport. Maybe it's all of the covered walkways? And bow ties? #
  • Dear Chicago: love the easy train access to/fm airport, hate that the airport forces use of plastic toilet seat covers. #
  • All said, it's taken me 8 hrs door-to-door to get to chicago, with primarily public trans and plane. Not bad, really. #wishIwentAllRail #
  • There is a 24-hr 7-11 down the block from my hotel, which makes me feel like I'm in Japan. #thingsihavesharedwithrachel #

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