Daily Archives: 3/25/2011

For the record, I was fine. probably bc I had a good start with cereal, drank more tea, and ate fewer potato chips.

Eating this today made @mikegrundy sick: eggsbeansgreens herring toast peanutbutterhoney spicypotatochips icecream halvalah choc beefjerky.

dreaming up ultra fashionable and safe moto-outfit: skinny kevlar jeans, military style gogogear jacket, and strap on knee pads – safe?

rock on, 12-year-old who loves his library: http://www.ajc.com/news/dekalb/dekalb-library-to-stay-885065.html

today going on a romantical wkend trip: feels like it’s an epic voyage, not just a 3 hr drive to a weekend in Corning NY! #needmorevacations