Daily Archives: 3/10/2011

Rainy day motorcycling clothes window shopping

We are having a cold steady rain today, so of course my internet distraction du jour was browsing for armored textile motorcycling pants. I have a pair now (the Joe Rocket Alter Ego) but they are getting a little worn after only 2 years and 7- or 8,000 miles.

Ideally I’d like something with reasonable breathability and ventilation but also an integrated waterproof lining layer. I secretly would also like some red pants, to match the racing stripe on my jacket and helmet. But in all reality, I’m sure it will come down to what ever pants fit me well. I am apparently very uniquely sized for a young lady.

Asked my bro (IBEW) if he could get me pro-union stickers for my car, and he didn’t think they had any on hand. Suggestions? #supportunions

The Careless Language of Sexual Violence: “we also live in a time that necessitates the phrase “rape culture.”” http://t.co/xgo3aVD

It’s pouring and the drainpipe that gies past the conference room is so noisy. In that wonderful sleepifying white noise ways.