Daily Archives: 3/8/2011

International Womens Day

I wish I had some thoughtful content prepared for international women’s day. But I don’t, and partly it’s because I’m feeling a little down today about how far we still have to go here in America, forget about many other places. Actually it makes me feel hopeful that many so-called third world countries seem to be reaching equality faster in some particularly recalcitrant-for- America issues like pay, sharing of child care responsibilities, and elected representation.

So isn’t this a silly self-photo? I’m driving my partners car today while mine is in the shop having the bottom put back on. the decal on the rear window is hilarious. The afternoon sun was so pretty, though, so i snapped a pic.

On my way out today I was passed by a dude out on his motorcycle and I’m filled with jealousy. Got to get the carb fixed on my DRZ and get her back on the road. I don’t care if it’s 25 deg F on my way to work, the 45 deg F trip home will be lovely (as long as it’s still sunlight when I leave)!