Daily Archives: 3/3/2011

Conference room

I was thinking I should do daily photos again – notmartha recently started, and I’m so glad she did. I keep getting hung up on my last try in 2005 – when I did a selfphoto project on flickr only, and felt so intimidating that my awesome and stylish urban friends had much more interesting days to photograph than I did, commuting by cage through suburban New Jersey to and from my 40-60 hour a week desk job.

Of course not much has changed, except I’m throwing in commuting by cage in pseudo-rural NY to suburban NJ into the mix. Oh and I guess EVERYTHING has changed, what with having a yard and a partner and some little stepdudes (in no order of importance, I promise). Oh and maybe I was limited by my subject, too, as sad as I am to admit it. Perhaps I am self-limiting.

I’ve had a long week of lots of deadlines, conference calls for one, and a wracking cough. I’m thankful it’s Thursday, except this week I am also forced to deal with the fact that it’s THURSDAY and there’s a boatload of things on MY DESK that aren’t done yet. eeps.

I can’t find my copy of “your $ or your life” but I admit I didn’t look too hard. Is it terribly moneyfoolish to buy a new (used) copy?