(exhausting horrible no good very bad) week in review

Monday: best day of the bunch. was tired from the pittsburgh trip but compensated with a manicure. not too shabby.

Tuesday: worked until roughly 4AM. had a horrible, no good, very bad time. little fight at work with a dude who didn’t even START working on my stuff until monday, and then might have fibbed a little about it. yuck.

Wednesday: found out about poopwater. BIG fight with dude who didn’t get me my stuff. it involved several back and forth emails, several urgent voice mails from him, a call to his supervisor, and a sad email written by me to the PM apologizing for the delays and the frustration. UGH. had to leave to clean up poopy storage unit. yuck.

Thursday: MORE WORK. when will it end! stayed until 5AM getting report totally done and emailed to the PM.

Friday: slept in a little. drove to edison for work with my manager, worked hard all day, left at 3 to drive to mahwah for a review of one of my supervisorees, left at 5PM and drove to albany. nearly fell asleep on the drive.

the best part of the week was definately realizing as I drove to work this morning that I had two rifles and an open bottle of wine in my car. I am classy! and also, lucky to not have gotten into an accident! how would I explain THAT situation?