Daily Archives: 11/19/2006

overly ambitious

this weekend I had very ambitious plans, as related to aurora:

  • girls night sleep-over with college friends on friday night
  • clean out my ceder chest
  • unpack and photograph stuff from gramma’s house
  • sew couch cover
  • sew new skirt (if possible)
  • go to Japanese travel agent to firm up plans for Japan trip in spring with stepsis on sat.
  • meet crafty friend lorelei for tea and cocktail hostess planning session

what really happened:

  • girls night sleep-over with college friends on friday night. drank too much, got sick next day. sigh.
  • unpack and reboxed some stuff from gramma’s house. no photographs. didn’t put away, b/c ceder chest still full.
  • bought fabric for couch, but was totally different fabric than had been obsessing about. didn’t sew anything.
  • went to Japanese travel agent with rachel on sat. but didn’t firm up anything as tickets to japan = teh pricy.
  • met crafty friend lorelei for tea and cocktail hostess planning session.
  • thought I’d lost work laptop, paniced, went to work and found it safely there. oops.
  • set up a kayak.com thingy to tell me what prices are for airline tickets to japan. you know, just in case.

Something exciting that I DID do:

  • went to the fabric warehouse for the first time and it was AMAZING. so big, so much stuff, and so cheap. I bought 4 different patterned suiting fabric in long enough lengths to make skirts and 13+ yds of upholstery fabrick for about 70 bucks. SWEET. special shout-out to kathleen for spending 6 hours with me, 2 of which were at the fabric warehouse in total indecision.
  • ate 6 eggs. maggie gave me some farm fresh eggs last weekend and I hadn’t eaten them at all. they are so good. not fresh enough still for me to poach, but lightly fried? yum. so extra golden tasty.

and, in the interest of getting everything done that needs doing:

  • monday: go to work early, get work done. leave work on time, go home, do laundry. also, sew on couch a bit. get stuff for green bean casserole
  • tuesday: eat dinner with gal pals. throw together green bean casserole.
  • wednesday: thanksgiving potluck feast at work. go home. sew on couch.
  • thursday: up and at them. go to albany early. eat food. yum.
  • friday-sat. family and old coworkers time.
  • sunday: go home early am in order to 1. beat traffic and 2. sew on couch. also, pick out fancy party dress pattern. commence sewing.
  • monday through friday. sew on cocktail dress and make sure apartment is clean.
  • sat.: cocktail party day. make elaborate and old fashioned appetizers, including tomato aspic. beautiful.
  • sunday: enjoy clean apartment and covered couch. bask in accomplishments.