Check me out, I won the PE!

I am SO THRILLED. So happy I don’t have to take it again, proud and accomplished and excited. After my not sure what to think reaction to the test, my historically gruesome gpa and college test performances, and my almost last minute freakout, it’s so satisfying to have it OVER and DONE WITH.

I can’t wait to get a stamp and to emboss all my holiday cards. Whoot!

(of course, more practically, this is a REALLY REALLY GOOD THING professionally. It leads to a bonus and perhaps a salary increase and a KarinaJean, P.E. business card, and puts me solidly on the project management track. and I think I might be the only lady PE in the north regional offices of MyCompany! and even more practically, how the HECK did I pull this off when I read 14 books the month before the exam?! Interrobang!