GRUES0ME photos to follow

Thursday I had my knee surgery, and by all laymen’s accounts I’m doing marvelously well. you may or may not know that I’ve lost my ACL – old frisbee accident, don’t you know [how unglamorous!] so I’ve had it replaced with an allograft. If anything goes wrong I can blame it on the other guy, and I’m going ot press my doctor tomorrow for this fellow’s name. Everything so far seems to be going as planned, with the only hitch me falling down and hurting my shoulders the night after general anesthesia. I passed out, you see, while I was on the can, and was lodged between the toilet and the wall. I pulled something muscular while pulling myself out. and perhaps I’ve left my sense of propriety and shame down there too, because I don’t know that I should be posting this to the internets, much less telling my colleagues at work about it (um, check.)

Tomorrow is the doctors follow-up visit and I’ll hopefully get a rehabilitation schedule and a timeframe for return to work. though I’m quite happy not being at work. ahem. I need to get off the narcotics and into physical therapy. I also need to borrow an automatic transmission as my poor manual transmission won’t be much help to me now. And as I’ve left my camera cord at work, I need to get a card reader the better to upload embarrassing and grotesque photos to the internets for illustration of snappy blog entries.

And all that said, this is the first blog post written from my at home-cable internets. how thrilling! the power of the W3 is at my fingertips!