remember the last time I got crazy?

so, once again I’m trying to pull off a last minute sewing bonanza. I’m going to a wedding on sat. and I decided this weekend I wouldn’t even try to look for a dress, because the odds that I’d find one that 1. fit, 2. I liked, and 3. was reasonably priced were asymptotic to zero. seriously. So I pulled out a stockpiled pattern (butterick 6522), got some fabric, and last night I started cutting. again, partying kathy lee gifford style, I sit on the floor and hunch over and cut and cut and then stand up and walk around like quasimodo until I can sloooowly straighten up. yeah, I know, sewing is GLAMAROUS.

tonight I hope I can sew the bulk of the dress, I’m having dinner with friends on Thursday and I don’t have much time to spend sewing, except for tonight. I’ll update with photos when available, for sure.