father’s day

I had a really good time in albany this weekend for father’s day. I arrived sat. evening and played games with sarah, kevin, and dan aaron (after making collage cards with daniel and eating dinner and having some sweet ryan time).

the next day we had a super time with breakfast and gifts and then all cruised down to the baseball game, starring the unintiminable daniel james!

kari + daniel 3

I absolutely enjoyed seeing the sarah+kevin+ryan family
ryan, kevin, and sarah

enjoyed seeing daddy, and even though I’m tall, he’s still a whole foot taller and we had a hard time catching the top of his head:
dad and kari 2

dad and kari 3

dad and kari 4

we did see some disturbing things that day.
athletic supporter!

yuck! cup!

but dan aaron
dan aaron

and mom and I
kari + mom

shook it off went to lkens for milkshakes and cheesey fries.

thank you, jimmy hoffa, for making wonderful day at the ball park possible.
jimmy hoffa