Daily Archives: 6/28/2005

week so far.

I had a great weekend, full of visitors and debauchery and weddings and hot weather.

and today I’m trying to consolidate my student loans so as to get a superduper low interest rate. Apparently, I owe 25K. Thanks CMU! I forgot it was THAT high, I guess I was hung up on 18K for some non-reason. I have to get my Dept. of Education Pin number from home before I can do any of this financial finaglry, and it’s impossible to contact anyone by phone because EVERYONE IN AMERICA is trying to refinance their loans before 6/30, at which time interest rates will go up a whopping 1.9%.

it’s a little disorienting to realize I’ll be back to paying a wholelotta cash out each month for 10 years.
I don’t rembember having to pay this much the last time around, and I thought I had comparable loans after Cooper!
Or maybe it was 1/2 as much, which would make more sense. Plus, through the brilliance of CU for some reason my last year loans had to be taken out through another lender – something about high default rates, I think – and I was paying 2 loans at the same time. Which really did work out well in the whole greater “paying off loans” scheme of things. Hrm.

I secretly love budgeting, but I secretly hate it too. It can be fun to figure out how much money you have and to square away everything neatly, and to even use a spreadsheet to figure it all out easily. But then you reach a point where it’s not fun anymore because you realize you have more bills and expenses than you thought you did. I had conveniently forgotten about this student loan thing, and I’m not looking forward to updating my spreadsheet. But I will, because sometimes even updating a painful financial spreadsheet is a welcome break from trying to figure out why an invoice doesn’t match the project reconsiliation spreadsheet. You know.