Daily Archives: 6/23/2005

CSA week 2, consensus on week 1.


This week we got 2 different kinds of lettuce and a head of cabbage! also, dill, arugala, beets, and most excitingly, BASIL!

The share was bigger than last week, probably because of all the lettuce. I’m still finishing the heads I bought last week so I hopefully will get to them soon. I’m eating a Loooot of lettuce, y’all.

Here’s my status from last week:

kale: haven’t eaten yet.
beets: boiled on wednesday, eating last of today.
radishes: have been eating in salads all week, have 2 left.
small head of butterleaf (something) lettuce: ate last week. Still working on the 2 heads I bought though…
dill: haven’t used much — I put in my salad a couple of times, but mostly it’s in the fridge.
cilantro: put some into guacamole. Michelle and I used to buy these indian food seasoning packets and I really wish I had one of those now, because they’re so good with fresh cilantro.
thyme: used some in my risotto this week.
small bag of mixed greens: finishing last of today. Also, yellow squash that I bought.
kohlrabi!: put in my risotto with fennel. it was ok, but I think kohlrabi might be best raw and sliced thin. Maybe in a slaw.
arugala: cooked last night with some of this week’s arugala. I wilted it in olive oil and tossed with whole wheat linguini, parm. cheese, and toasted pine nuts. It’s very good, but I could stand more arugala in it. I think I’ll wilt the rest of it and put it into my leftovers.

not too shabby! I’m getting back into the swing of cooking at home. It’s so frustrating to be in the car on the way home and starving, but to have to tell myself “you can’t stop and pick up a burrito for dinner because you have food you HAVE to eat at home.” I’ve been tiding myself with homemade guacamole, it’s so fast and easy and absolutely 100% gratifying.