Daily Archives: 6/15/2005

CSA season

Today is my first CSA pickup! I am totally excited.

I anticipate kohlrabi, kale, and arugala. I also expect lots of lettuces, and I hope I’m right! my last CSA did a really fantastic job of providing lettuce pretty much non-stop through the season, I hope it’s comparable here in NJ.

a neuuuuuuuu CAR!

I just put my name on the order list for the 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. It’s been totally redesigned (both body AND hybrid technology, I hear) and looks very awesome. I don’t know if the hybrid will be a 2 door or a 4 door, but that’s fine. 2 door is HOTTER but hybrid is hybrid.

My stepsis has a friend/excoworker who works at honda in albany and I called him and told him it HAD to be a manual transmission (these NJ highways really beg that extra boost, plus it’s more efficient than CVT/automatic technology, and more fun to drive too…), and it could be any color except red but white was preferred. He’ll call back with the tech specs, including how great the hybrid engine is. I wasn’t super impressed with the efficiency of the last version, so am really hoping they managed to find a happy medium between the efficiency of the old version and the superefficiency of the honda insight.

the official page is here.

I’ve never bought a new car before! I’ve never bought a CAR before, always having been gifted with free hand-me-down automobiles. I guess I’m old enough…