Daily Archives: 6/7/2005

the wedding of the paulina and the nestor

The wedding was great: friday night I met michelle at the airport in fort lauderdale, and aurora and gibson fetched us. then the next day we were up early for wedding fun!

gibson and I were accidentally dressed like a couple
gibson and kari

I had a fun time with selfphotos:
kari and michelle

aurora and kari

johanna and kari

gibson and kari

kari and deanna!

and scott, pretending he’s looking down my dress, and I TOTALLY told him I’d be posting this on the internets:
yikes! kari and scott

we made friends with the photographers:
the photographers

enjoyed the fish:
fish with tomatoes

and got beautiful original art from the bride’s aunt as favors:
favors and centerpiece

after the early reception (wherein we made gibson dance with all of us) we drove to paulina’s parents house in a gated community
rico suave

and michelle fell asleep on an ottomam.
sleepy michelle

by all accounts, the bride and groom had a wonderful time:
bride and groom, post events!

after the reception and the parent’s house afterparty, we went out dancing at a mediocre club in ft lauderdale. the next day we went to the beach! and the sun came out! and my shoulders got red! but it was worth it!

michelle and I had super coordinating flights, and both left the airport at 7:15ish.

the weekend was magnificent. there’s more pics here.