Daily Archives: 4/4/2004

The Longest Month Ever. And the Summer of Fun!

I rule! I skipped the month of March. Ahem. And by rule, I mean, boy have I been busy, and then on top of that my computer and the school dial-up service may or may not be getting along. Or maybe it’s just itunes which hates my internet connection. Sometimes the computer works, sometimes it freezes pretty much constantly. I’ve just started using Opera instead of Explorer in the hopes that it will solve the problem. I don’t really want to wipe the computer and start over, but I might have to if it doesn’t stop freaking out.

I think it’s pretty telling that one year ago in February was when my excessive posting ended and my sloooow decline to a monthly update status began. So let’s just say I was celebrating by taking the entire month of March off, and by doing that I’ve stopped the decline and will once again find this a fruitful space full of interesting observations and stories. Absolutely.

How about some news?

To celebrate the leap year Michelle and I threw our housewarming/leap year party. It was great. We made leap year resolutions, which are especially hard because you have to keep them for 4 years. I made two: 1. to be really good to my plants. And that includes Michelle’s plants. And 2. to be more timely in my correspondence. I started a correspondence journal and started writing letters. I love getting mail, and I know other people do too.

Also, to celebrate the new leap year I cut all of my hair off. I’d been growing it for quite some time and it was falling to halfway down my back. It was beautiful (if I do say so myself) but it was also incredibly hard work. I’d been growing it out for locks of love, and decided that Leap Year was the time to get rid of it all! A photomontage of my new hairdo, if you please? (did you know photomontage was one word? Thank you MSWord!) I think the cut makes me look very much younger than I used to.

The month of March was pretty much a blur of: working hard at school, working hard at work, running out of money, finding out my tax refund will be of a very pleasant size, making gooey chocolate cakes and eating them all up, planning baby shower gifts for my stepsister and not starting on them, having a nice spring break and seeing old friends, reading 6 months of back Martha Stewart Living magazines, washing windows and enjoying it because the weather was so pleasant.

Spring makes me want to adopt good habits. I’ve started working on schoolwork much earlier than usual, reading books from the library, and knitting while I watch tv. It’s good for me. I’m planning for the Summer of Fun. I’m planting things in old yogurt containers with holes poked in the bottom. I’ve got my worm bin bought, and when the Tax Refund of Financial Security comes in I’ll buy some worms to stick in there and eat up my leftovers. Michelle and I are excited to pull together a little seating area on our back porch (currently a big cracked and heaved concrete slab) with chairs and a little table made out of a wire spool, and I can’t wait to have cultured summer living with cocktails on the back porch and a little charcoal grill making yummy simple food. I want to buy Capri pants and high heeled flipflops, and I need to start sewing my apron collection for my hot summer accessory of choice. I guerilla planted some meadow flowers down the side of our driveway to see if the very old seeds would still grow. I write postcards to my nephew almost regularly. And the big news is that I’m staying at school until December thanks to a very generous grant and some research to work on. So the CSA that we’ve joined was the absolute right decision, and I feel like once those vegetables start coming in my entire world will change for the better. And it’s pretty good already, so that will be even more Wonderful. You see? Summer of Fun, on its way!

(in case you’re interested, I’ve updated the knitting page in crafts. Springtime good habits abound around here. Mahvelous.)