So frustrated at “the Process.”

So, I’m applying to graduate schools, right? Last week was a disaster area getting everything together and out the door. And to exacerbate things, Cooper had to mail things themselves. They told me so. Themselves. Right. So I gave them all they needed for express mail, and trusted them to get the stuff out on Friday. And when did they get it out? Tuesday. I missed all of my deadlines, by FIVE DAYS. That’s not a day, or just a little bit. It’s FIVE FUCKING DAYS. Gah. I don’t know what’ll happen now. Best case scenario? No financial aid. Lordy. Worst? I don’t get in at all.

I just don’t know what I should do now! I guess I should call the applications offices, and try to straighten stuff out. I mean, it’s kind of a tough requirement to send a complete application, including transcript. But at the same time I messed up by not getting this stuff done early in January. Hell.

Well, this comes on the back of an email from one of my universities thanking me for my application and directing me to contact the student recruitment coordinator with questions. What does that mean?

I did ask around, and the overall suggestion is to call. I am doing that, but I am a babbling idiot. See, I don’t mind not getting into a school if they just plain don’t like ME, but if it’s because my alma matter screwed me up, well, that’s something I mind.

(I guess this is a real-time journal. How bizarre.)

OK. School #1 hadn’t gotten it, but they’re cool with that, Oh, wait, they called me back – they do have it. I’m ok!

School #2 is on the west coast! I can’t call until it’s 9ish there, so I’ll wait.

School #3 sent me that weird email. I guess I’ll call to make sure everything is ok?

School #4, I can’t get them on the phone. Um. I don’t know. I’ll try later.

I ought to write Cooper a letter, I guess? Telling them what a terrible thing they did. But I’m a wimp. I really hope I don’t have to go down there and make them write me a letter saying they’re big jerks and are totally at fault. I hope it all works out.